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Last Papers 2009

Polymer blends based on an epoxy-amine thermoset and a thermoplastic: Effect of thermoplastic on cure reaction and thermal stability of the system
J. López, M. Rico, B. Montero, J. Díez, C. Ramírez, (2009) J. Therm. Anal. Calorim., 95, 369-376

Phase diagram of different epoxy-amine precursors modified with a thermoplastic. Effect of structure of epoxy-amine system on miscibility.
J. López; M. Rico, C. Ramírez, J. Diez, B. Montero (2009) Polymer, 50, 569-577

Effects of vinyltrimethoxy silane on mechanical properties and morphology of polypropylene-woodflour composites
R. Bouza, M.J. Abad, L. Barral, M. Ladra (2009) Polym. Eng. Sci., 49, 324-332

Deformation and fracture behavior of PP/ash composites
S.G. Pardo, C. Bernal, M.J. Abad, J. Cano, L. Barral Losada, (2009) Composite Interfaces, 16, 97-114

Application of FT-IR spectroscopy to determine transport properties and water-polymer interactions in polypropylene (PP)/ethylene alcohol vinyl (EVOH) films: effect of ethylene alcohol vinyl content and water activity
A. Lasagabáster, M.J. Abad, L. Barral, A. Ares, R. Bouza (2009) Polymer, 50, 2981-2989

Design of new polypropylene wood flour composites: processing and physical characterization
R. Bouza, S.G. Pardo; L. Barral; M.J. Abad, (2009) Polym. Composites, 30, 880-886

Barrier and physical properties of Polypropylene/High-Barrier Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer Blends compatibilized with a sodium ionomer
A. Ares, M.J. Abad, L. Barral, S. García-Garabal, (2009) e-Polymers, 71, 1-13

Thermomechanical analysis of epoxy-amine system modified with an octaepoxy-silsesquioxane
B. Montero, C. Ramírez, M. Rico, A. Torres, F.J. Díez, (2009) J. Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites, 5, 9-13

Rheomechanical and morphological study of compatibilized PP/EVOH blends
Ana Ares, Jorge Silva, Joao M. Maia, Luis Barral, María J. Abad (2009) Rheologica Acta, 48, 993-1004

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