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Last Papers 2010

Study of the crosslink density, dynamo-mechanical behaviour and microstructure of hot and cold SBR vulcanizates
J. Díez*, R. Bellas, J. López, G. Santero, C. Marco, G. Ellis (2010) J. Polym. Research, 17, 99-107

Effect of an epoxy-octasilsesquioxane on the thermodegradation of an epoxy/amine system
B. Montero, C. Ramírez, M. Rico, L.Barral, F.J. Díez, J. López, (2010) Polym. Int., 59, 112-118

Epoxy resin modified with a thermoplastic. Influence of modifier and reaction temperature on the phase separation
J. López, M. Rico, C. Ramírez, B. Montero, (2010) J. Therm. Anal. Calorim., 99, 75-81

Liquid chromatography method to determine polyamines in thermosetting polymers
M.S. Dopico-García , J.M. López-Vilariño , G. Fernández-Martínez , M.V. González-Rodríguez, (2010) Anal. Chim. Acta, 667, 123-129

Impact Fracture Behavior and Damage Mechanisms of PP/EVOH Blends Compatibilized with Ionomer Zn2+
M. Montoya, M.J. Abad, L. Barral Losada, V. Pettarin and C. Bernal (2010) J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 117, 2515-2522

Effect of aminomethoxy silane and olefin block copolymer on rheomechanical and morphological behavior of fly ash filled polypropylene composites
A. Ares, S.G. Pardo, M.J. Abad, J. Cano, L. Barral, (2010) Rheologica Acta, 49, 607-618

Liquid chromatographic methods to analyze hindered amines light stabilizers levels to improve the safety in polyolefins
Rosalía Noguerol Cal; J.M. López- Vilariño.; G. Fernández-Martínez; M.V. González-Rodríguez; L.F. Barral-Losada (2010) J. Separation Sci., 33, 2698-2706

Effect of organoclay reinforcement on the curing characteristics and technological properties of SBR sulphur vulcanizates
J. Díez, R. Bellas, C. Ramírez, A. Rodríguez (2010) J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 118, 566-573

Rheological, thermal and mechanical characterization of fly ash-thermoplastic composites with different coupling agents
S.G. Pardo, C. Bernal, A. Ares, M.J. Abad, J. Cano (2010) Polym. Comp., 31, 1722-1730

Rheological, mechanical and thermal behaviour of wood polymer composites (WPC) based on recycled polypropylene
A. Ares, R. Bouza, S.G. Pardo, M.J. Abad, L. Barral (2010) J. Polym. Environ., 18, 318-325

Application of Liquid Chromatography in Polymer Non-Ionic Antistatic Additives Analysis
V. González-Rodríguez, M.S. Dopico-García, R. Noguerol-Cal, T. Carballeira-Amarelo, J.M. López-Vilariño, G. Fernández-Martínez (2010) J. Separation Sci., 33, 3595-3603

An Approach to Imprint Irganox 1076: Potential Application to the Specific Migration Test in Olive Oil
M.S. Dopico-García.; C. Cela-Pérez; J.M. López- Vilariño.; M.V. González-Rodríguez; L.F. Barral Losada (2010) J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 119, 2866-2874

Natural Extracts as Potential Source of Antioxidants to Stabilize Polyolefins
M.S. Dopico-García.;M.M. Castro-López; J.M. López- Vilariño.; M.V. González-Rodríguez; P. Valentão; P.B. Andrade; S. García-Garabal; M.J. Abad (2010) J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 119, 3553-3559

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